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Welcome to the

Monmouth Ballet Foundation


The Monmouth Ballet Foundation is a New Jersey-based 501(c)3, that has been designed as a vehicle to deliver classical ballet and provide performance opportunities to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Our Mission


Serve as a performance platform for classically trained ballet dancers.

Provide scholarship and tuition assistance to qualified dancers.

Enhance the community with the rich history and the beautiful fine art of classical ballet.

Our Vision


Dance is one of the oldest and most celebrated art forms throughout history. It brings people together, defines cultures, and shapes communities.

Our program is dedicated to providing students with access to real, world-class ballet instruction.

In Central New Jersey, and specifically Monmouth and Ocean counties, there was a distinct lack of pure, classical ballet instruction. We recognized the need for ballet in our area, and have dedicated our program and efforts to fill this void and provide students with access to real, world-class ballet in Red Bank.

The instruction we provide helps foster a lifelong passion and appreciation among those fortunate enough to participate. And the performance opportunities enable those who study to express themselves, creating joy, balance and harmony in themselves, their peers and their audiences.

The MBF provides access to ballet for students of all ages, from the very young to senior adults, with an emphasis on tradition, form, poise, grace, and technique. We strongly believe that the gift of dance, in our most our favorite form, should be made available to everyone, and our goal is to help make that happen.

For those who know, ballet is the most foundational and fundamental dance form in the world.

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Our Story


How You Can Help

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our foundation. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and can go towards a vast array of expenses we incur on our journey of community service. 

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